Interview: Edward Olive

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- What was your first camera?

I do remember having a little Canon ixus aps advantix thing at some point in the 1990’s that I used to take a few holiday snaps that I generally never got developed and if I did I never looked at and stuck in a cupboard and have now lost I think moving countries several times. I then bought a secondhand reflex camera from a flea market in Paris in the late 1990’s and shot one roll of film without knowing how a reflex worked before putting the camera in a cupboard and again losing it.

The first time I really got a camera was in 2005 when I got a dreadful Canon 350d digireflexcam and the “free” lens it came with to shoot my own actor’s book rather than having to pay out fortunes each year for the usual rubbishy headshots. Soon after I broke it from over-use and bought a Canon 5d digital with 85mm L f1.2 to shoot portraits without having the background in focus, something that seemed amazing at the time.
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