Interview: Benjy Russell

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in rural Oklahoma in a very small town. Growing up I was constantly going into my own imagination to create something that was bigger, better, and flashier than where I was living. I guess that’s where my fascination with building a better reality began. At some point I realized that I had hit a glass ceiling by staying in the rural country, so I decided to move to Los Angeles. LA was very good to me and I learned so much about life out there. At some point though, the country boy in me started rebelling against city life. Then, in 2007, my friend Rya and I decided to move to the mountains in Tennessee to make art and invite all of our friends out to make art with us. It was a really romantic venture that we set out on, and as a result we were able to host many amazing artists. Read more »

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