Interview: Matthieu Grymonprez

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What is your full name and where do you live?

My name is Matthieu GRYMONPREZ, and I live currently in the North of France. I will move soon to Sao Paulo, Brasil.

How would you describe your style?

I can’t say I have a style, cause I like so many different style, and I don’t think artist should “stay” in one style. At the beginning, I enjoy a lot photomanipulation, and I still do, but right now, I am more and more into Film photography, and specially portrait of people.

My second hobby is travelling, that’s why there is so many travel photography in my portfolio.

What are your favorite subjects to shoot?

Beautiful women, when I can ;)

Even if I made many landscape photographies, I really think the only valuable pictures are the one with human in them. It’s all about the sensibility, the human condition, the beauty of human, it’s the only way to “live the picture”.

What do you love the most about your job?

I can’t say I love my job, I like it, but it’s far from photography.. Photography is my hobby, and I want to keep it like this, I don’t want to be dependant of my hobby for living, it will lost his good side, and became a job…

What’s the best piece of advice someones ever given you?

JC sartoris, a friend photographer, who really enjoy blur pictures. At that time, I was beginning photography, and he keep arguing with other forumers about what was a good pictures, and why his fully blur picture was better that their ultrasharp (but subjectless) pictures… he open in my head a “way of thinking” that I still cherish today.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?

Currently, no specific projects, I just want to improve my film photography with my rollei & the models.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in photography and wants to improve their
photography skills?

USE INTERNET !! a lot !

Start with “beginner” website, where people criticize your work bases on common rules, and once you feel that you must be free of this rules and regulations (rules of third, blur, etc…) Evolve, and go to artist website, like Artlimited, 500px,, 1x, etc…

How do you feel about missed shots which cannot be recreated?

When I miss one, I am a bit disappointed, but I always think : “That’s your fault, think about what you should have done to not miss it, and you will not miss the next one”.. I believe in talent, but I never exist without work.

Tell your funniest, scariest, most bizarre, most touching story from a photo shoot.

I had many fun moments when I made my serie 50sq² of madness, for “dreaming of the holy fan” I fall down the set, and hurt my ankle. For “switch Id” I use paper that burn too fast, I burn my fingers many times… almost every pictures is a story to tell.

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