Interview: Fiona Osborne

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My work is centred around our sensitivity and self-exploration. It often has a tendency to sit between the realms of documenting and staging. @Fiona Osborne

What is your full name and where do you live? Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Fiona Osborne, a 22 year old photographer based in the South of England between Bournemouth and Berkshire. I’m currently in my final year of my degree in BA (Hons) Photography from the Arts University College Bournemouth where I am working on my final major project.

How would you describe your style?

My work is very quiet and still. Often it’s soft, feminine and subtle. A lot of my work is centred around the beauty of the mundane and the overlooked. Sensitivity and the quieter moments of life always make me want to explore them. The most simplistic thing can be the most inspiring thing; you just have to look that little bit deeper.

You told me you explores the relationship between person and place. Please tell me more about this.

My current practice explores the relationship between person and place. It explores how the body interacts with and responds to an unknown or unfamiliar interior surrounding, subtly visualising how quickly we as people adjust to these spaces. It aims to understand and address the dependence we have upon objects, and the dependence objects have upon us.

How long have you been doing this? How did you start?

I’ve been photographing since I was 14 and have been studying it ever since. Before photography my love was in textiles and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else until I was introduced to the medium. I began incorporating it into my textiles and then quickly started concentrating solely on photography. It only felt natural for me to continue.

Are you specializing in a particular area of photography? What are your favorite places/objects to shoot? How do you find your subjects to shoot?

I would say it’s difficult to pinpoint my specialism because my work involves a lot of genres. It often sits in-between the realms of documenting and staging with a close relation to fashion, still life and portraiture. I like to think of my photography as art and it’s purpose for the gallery space.
As I said my work is usually based around the mundane and I’m often drawn to the overlooked and therefore love to photograph in these spaces.

What would you say to other enthusiast photographers out there who aspires to what you’ve achieved?

Keep believing in what you do (as hard as that can be!) because if you don’t have faith in your work no one else will. I always think it’s very important to know yourself and your style in photography. This can take years to find but when you get there, you’re know. As well as this, a strong relationship with and/or understanding of your subject and concept, I think, is vital.

Is there anything else you would like to say to HappyPhoton readers?

Photograph what you love and go for it!

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