Interview: Aleksandar Nedic

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Please tell us more about your background and what made you become an photographer? How did you start photography?

My name is Aleksandar Nedic, and i was born 35 years ago in the city of Vukovar in Croatia, where i still live.
One important thing about my geographic position is that the Danube river floats nearby this place. So it should be not strange that I have the motive of water on a great number of my pictures. I started with photography couple of years ago but before photography i was already contaminated with visual thinking trough my drawing and painting occupation. I got infected with photography soon after i got my first digital camera, canon 350. Large deal in that infection carries the photoshop software with its endless possibilities. I discovered that even a beginner and photo-ignorant like me, is able to create something interesting.

How does photography influence your life?

I can´t say that photography changed my life much, i can´t say that it even changed my visual perception much, like I said before, i was thinking in frames and pictures far before the day i started looking trough the lens. But it brought to me more possibilities and it opened much wider space for exploration what means more inspiration, more joy and more fun. It certainly stole some of my time i was spending with a pencil or with paints but the direction is still the same. It is the same goal booth ways: a picture.

What do you think is the most important factor in making a good picture?

For a good picture I think, you need much more than just one important factor, but if you should depend on just one factor then it would be a pure luck which is maybe some impuls from a deep dark side of the mind. I believe that even an infant is capable of creating a master piece. Pictures are all around us and it´s easy to get some good ones just by accident.

What’s your dream photography project?

There`re no big plans or great projects with this photo thing of mine. I have just this little idea about a picture book, lets say something like fantasy picture story .But it goes slowly for now. There is a large pile of nescience around me that keeps me stucked. And my showel is from the beach set…..:)

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Lets say that if i have to choose between camera and photoshop i would go for photoshop. Because i could make a picture with photoshop and without camera but not the other way around. The thing is that i still have not take the picture i could be happy with, without having it twisted at least a bit in photoshop. I saw it is possible, but i am not skilled enough.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Workday is something very unpredictable in my case. It starts suddenly when i realize that i have some free time in front of me and it ends suddenly when i realize that i am already late for another thing. Usually i go out with my camera and take pictures of everything that i find interesting enough, next step is selection, then it is building an idea over a base photo and after that goes playtime in photoshop.

Emotions are said to be an important aspect of photography. How crucial is this element for
you as a photographer?

I think it is the essence. There is not much of a picture if you take the emotion out of it. It happens sometimes during the processing that i lose the original emotion then the picture is broken, and its good only for a trash bin.

What are some elements by which you judge a good photo? When do you look at an image and
say, “That’s an amazing photograph?”

There are some rules one can judge a good photo by, but for me it is only an emotion that counts. In photos i search for a certain mood and for something unordinary, for something that is not easy to see/feel everyday.

Any advice for our readers?

Ah no advice. I am no good in taking neither giving one. So, just stay o.k.

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