Interview: Angga Sapta

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We’d like to know more about you. Can you tell us more about yourself?

My full name is Angga Sapta. I am just an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams and surrounded by super-ordinary people…hahaha

When did your love affair with photography begin?
It was 2002 I think…coz my ex-girlfriend did some photography thing in that why didn’t I…it’s a cool hobby I thought… and then…suddenly I trapped in this photo thingy and I love it much much much…

What are the ingredients for success with photography?

Dream-learn-ask-do…and then refresh…and learn again…and so on…keep open the mind always.

What’s the biggest (life) lesson you’ve learned through photography?

See things what other don’t…in a good way of course :D

When you photograph, do you have a theme in mind?

Always…even when i don’t do photograph… dreamin bout theme every time.

What are the top three things you like to do when you have free time?

Jogging…go out with my wife and my mom-pap and my nephew, and spend a whole day with my vespa !!!

Have you ever traveled? If so, where to?

I live in Indonesia. in west java, java island…it has so many island here…so I travelled to other island like sumatera and bali, and of course I did go to singapore and malaysia as indonesia’s neighbour…I would love to travel to europe or africa…I wish somebody there would hire me to do some works there…please !! hahahahha… ameen

For you personally what are the pros and cons of being a photographer?

Meet a lot of people…new people…new conversation and new ideas…it’s refreshing my minds
i love this work…errrr it’s not a work…it’s a play…and i play hard.. :)

Thank you very much for the interview. As a final word, do you have any tips for upcoming
artists ?

Learn much (so we can know exactly what’s wrong and right)…talk much (so you can help other with information that you know, always share with another for good, and we can get feed back from the other)…do much (be a usefull person for ourselves and another)…so u can feel love.

With love, we’re gonna love our life, our works (read : play), so we can make some great photos.

Always use the heart to take every single photo that we captured, every moment we share, every breath we take, then we can see that live as a puzzle of a lot of great photos.

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