Interview: Fabio Borquez

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What is your full name and where exactly do you live?

My name is Fabio Enrique Aurelio del sagrado corazon Borquez (shown in top photo), and I´m living in Neuss, an small village close to Düsseldorf.

Please tell us about your background and what inspired you to become a Photographer?

I was borning in buenos aires , argentine, I studied Art and architecture, I was getting different schollarships, in india, Colombia and Germany, in that time I want to keep on the way, travelling and Discoverying different cultures and folks, so I was thinking I Could do it if I would make photos and after it I sell it. I was skating selling architectural photos and one day I was waking up , and I was a women photographer. In 1998 I was making a Photo job in Miami, one day I was meeting in the middle of sea a girl, after ten minutes we were in the same place talking with the water in our waist , I said to her: “ I´m going to married you!” and I did it! And I came to germany leaving my whole life behind me.

What are the top three things you like to do when you have free time?

Playing with my kids, reading books and watching films.

What is the most important factor in making a good photograph?

Most important factor for me is the way you can see through your camera. For me there is just one word to describe this action: Instinct.

Tell a little secret about yourself that no-one knows.

I´m full of secrets, I could not choice just one. but for example many people didn´t know I´m colorblind. For editorials shootings is really a problem, but I have my own color´s universe, so the combinations could be somehow strange.

What has been the most surprising or most predictable reaction to your photographs?

Predictable reaction is everytime with people are thinking naked is something obscene .I believe in my work 100% , and is not having a bit of obscenity. a surprising reaction it happend a couple of years ago, when I was publish a photo from my older son , when he was borning, for me one of the most beautifull photos I´ve made, and some people were finding this photo not appropiate.

How do you describe your photographic style?

My style is classic, I believe I´m a classic photographer but with a fairytale lighting in normal situations. I love to work with artificial light, playing to control the whole situations with a simply solution. Irving penn used to work with just a light unit and the perfection on his potos is amazing. Mr. Penn’s signature blend of classical elegance and cool minimalism was recognizable to the whole world. Mies van den rohe said “less is more” and I try to apply this sentence to my work.

Do you think of yourself as an artist and what do you think of the word artist?

Everytime is difficult to describe yourself. If my work is art? I hope it! I´m an humble man making photos, and hoping one day is going to make a good one. Who is an artist und who is not? I´m not confroting myself with such questions the answer maybe I´m going to find it in my way, but is not important for me. The important thing for me is to keep doing my work and improve it every day.
…keep on walking!

Describe what black and white photography means to you?

In the black and white photos, time seems to have stopped in another dimension ,I love the flair emanate these pictures, a two-tone picture can capture the concentration of the person who observes it, the people can easy discover stories behind the photos. In my case, I guess the way I´m using light characterize my photos by a strong black-and-white contrast that creates an effect of austere sophistication. A strong black-and-white contrast can give you the key to show for example nost just an image, you can show a felling!

Are you a self lerner? Which skills have you developed by yourself?

Yes, I was lerning on the way! I was everytime keeping a “child” inside, so I was playing and playing , and developing in ths naiv way my skills as photograph. if you lose your inner child , you are lost.

Is there anything else you would like to say to HappyPhoton readers?


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