Interview: Vaidas Bradauskas

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Artist’s Bio (

Close your eyes to the world that you see
And open wide to the one in your dreams
There’s nothing left that you wanna believe
Foreign eyes have been torn at the seams
You’d save yourself from a world without sin
You’re born again with a means to an end
Drawing lines in the palm of your hand
Your holding on to all that you’ve planned

Please tell us more about your background and what made you become an photographer? How did you start photography?

I am going to start my story with a boring cliche… I am from Lithuania, born 1987. From early childhood I was drawing. Nothing really special, all I knew that I like it. But in late years at school I abandoned this hobby. Don’t ask why, I just don’t. Lived in UK for some time. There I started to work with Photoshop. When got back to Lithuania I was looking for my self. One day while I was looking for a colleges or universities to start again my studies, I found  photography. Thought to my self: “I love to create, I like technology, I want to express my self through images and to show others how I see the world.” This is how it all started.

How does photography influence your life?

One of the inspirations is The World. When I walk in a street, i watch everything: people, cars, buildins, rocks, dusts, leafs, trees, ad posters, notice every small detail and admire it. Don’t know why, but I can see beauty in most of the things. Haven’t found the way to express all of it yet, but I know I will find eventually. It is hard to absorb everything I see and experience, but I’m startng to learn how to filtrate it.

…but left so many things to see…

My girlfirend Sandra is very important in my life as well as in my art. As you can notice, there a lot pictures with her. I guess love is very inspirational.

 What do you think is the most important factor in making a good picture?

The most important factor in photography is moment. That short period of time in our lives must be saved not only in memory but also obtain a phisical body so you could share tih others.

What’s your dream photography project?

I love reading books, i would love to create photo cycle based on a book. But at the moment images I see in my head are too big to make them real.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

I am working with photoshop about 7 years. Photography about 3 years. So at the moment Photoshop is my main tool. Most of photographers and not only them, hate photoshop. But it is just a tool. You wont blame an artist that he loves to paint with his fingers instead of brushes… For artis most important is the process of work, but for the viewer – final result.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

At the moment I am trying to find a new inspiration for my works, I need something fresh. It is really hard to find.

Emotions are said to be an important aspect of photography. How crucial is this element for you as a photographer?

If the viewer can feel something while looking at my picture, then I achieved what I wanted.

What are some elements by which you judge a good photo? When do you look at an image and say, “That’s anamazing photograph?”

The value of the moment, and as you mention, emotions. Most important for me is the emotion in the moment.

Any advice for our readers?

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake,
Don’t be afraid of keep on trying,
Don’t be afraid of experimenting.


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