Interview: Fabrizio Tedde

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 I’m fascinated from the dark side of life and all her shadows @FabrizioTedde (

Let me know your background. Name, age, your  native city  etc. Are you a student? What do you  study?

My name is Fabrizio Tedde and I’m 39, I was born in a small  town in  the deep south of Sardinia and here I live and work like engineer in the industrial research sector. My passion for photography born when I’m very young but for some  different reasons I’ve started it seriously just two years ago.

How do you describe your photographic style?

Is not so easy for me to give a description of my style. I try to  explore  the different sides of human emotions with a  predilection for the dark and psychotic side. With the same kind of look I look at the nature. A recursive comment on my photos is “distressing” then…

In general, during a session, how many pics would  you say  you take to find “the right one”?

How many? Depends, sometimes, especially in my self  portrait  sessions I find the right one after few shots, when I work with other models in a session I shot 100 – 150 frames  and from  this I select just the 30%, but if I’m very inspired the  first one is the  right one and if not  no one is the right one.

What is your mostly proud photo?

I love a lot of my shots but I’m very proud of few and is very  very  difficult for me to say “hey man this is absolutely my best one” cause my style, my knowledge of photography and photographers, grow up every day then when I’m looking at my old works I think is good but…

What lighting equipment do you take on a shoot?

For the outside sets natural light only when is possible, inside natural and artificial too with external flash unit on camera or in wifi, in “studio” sessions a continuous light and a flash unit depends by the kind of work.

What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera?

My favorite accessory is my nd filters set for my long exposure works and my continuous light for the studio works.

What makes a good photographer in your opinion?

Good question mate. I think that a good photographer is a visionary, a dreamer, a person that look at the world with a different look and which can see the extraordinary in the ordinary this is a photographer, and I
try to be.

What quick advice do you have for someone who simply wants to improve their photography skills?

I don’t think to be a person that can give advices to others, but the only thing I can say is proven tried and tested yet.

And the last question, if you had one wish…

I have a lot of wishes and dreams, this is my first interview and this a little dream that come true. Another one is an exhibitions in aimportant place and a lot of other things.


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