Juha Arvid Helminen’s Shadow People

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Finnish photographer Juha Arvid Helminen has created a black on black series that has me all aflutter. It’s the same mix of fear and attraction as the first time I read The Invisible Man or watched The Headless Horseman at the age of six. And a more recent instance–a shameful tickle in my pants upon discovering Pyramid Head in Silent Hill.


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  • Wery powerful images

  • Is this all in camera or do you change things during post processing?
    The navajo indians do pottery this way of black on black it is beautiful as well. I would like to see more subjects covered. question how much of the DADA movement like Huigo Balls get up were dressed like a robot sort of with a cone hat like the ones here?

    perhaps the artist doent read these well if they do
    let me know what you think?



  • Truly powerful photos.
    Good job with the lighting.

  • This is the most beautiful pictures ive ever seen. Very powerful yet crazy weirdBeautiful :)

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