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pic- I read on your website you was playing with cameras and sniffing acids in childhood. How your first images looked like?

Yeap! my first shot was made with old Rollei and Hasselblad. My father gave to me the last 2-3 shots of his rolls. Black and white of course. I think my first shoot was for my mother, then animals…dogs..sometings like this. Some blurry for sure, some out of focus…Damn! I havn’t the negative, lost…would be nice for me to see it right now. So cute.

- Who are you favorite photographers?

I love some artists, not all are photographers: directors, modern artists, contemporary artists…but Larry Clark and Juergen Teller are really honest with the camera, they have a terrific style.

- What is your advice to achieve a unique look of images (like yours)?

Fukk photoshop! …and thanks for the nice words, sometimes I’m able to do someting unique. Some factors needed…one time is easy to capture deep emotions, one time fun…other times sad. I’v clear in my head the project, the shot… push the button is only the last thing to do (or not to do). I know only that I need is to take pictures and create images. I think that more higher is the technique and technology, more poor is the message. Today, often, the medium mix and blend with the message, I don’t love it.

- What is your favorite place in the world?

I’m livin’ in the north of Italy, beautiful place…very nice and quiet city. The risk is that one to fall asleep and lose smartness. As often as I can I escape in some places to smell something new and fell the energy…my top: Beirut, NYC, Los Angeles. Discover right now Stockholm (I’v my agent there)…luv that city! My favorite places are where living interesting peoples, where is passion, energy and a lil bit of danger (and good red wine). Next month: Madagascar trip, I’m so curious.




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  • Had the pleasure to work with Dido as model, I love his style and naturally during sessions. Vintage cameras rules!!

  • didos photos are wildly creative, awkward and sexy. im all about the anti fashion and raw type photos that he takes…bravo dido!

  • splendide foto Dido, cumplimenti.. originale e trasgressiva

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    belle belle…. e molto particolari…..bravo Diduzzzzzz…. !!!

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