Interview: Nature_lover, a Flickr user

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Where do you find inspiration?

Nature…its the biggest source of my inspiration.Flowers & their beauty always left me in awe.Cool breeze swaying & whistling musical notes in your ears,birds chirping as if singing praise songs to Nature,ringing bells of flowing water. Aaahhh, how could anyone resist it all?

When did you know you were going to be photographer?

I operated manual camera when I was in Grade 5 or 6.It was a function in my school.A huge camera in the hands of such a tiny girl :) nobody was sure of good results so none was serious to become a model for this little photographer…LOL…but when the prints were in their hands,they all were stunned…YAY….& I did it.

That was a great achievement which encouraged me a lot….gradually,steadily I reached this stage where I am well known as Nature_Lover :)

How your first photo was look?

My basic interest when I started professional photography was Macro.Whenever I tried macro shots before I got the suitable Micro Lens,it wasn’t upto the mark.So,my first shot was pathetic :( but I dint lose heart,spent almost 1 month in search of this Lens which gives me complete satisfaction I needed.

What is your most proud photo?

Could a mother differentiate her love amongst her children? Tough? Yes, same with me & with every artist. My work is like children to a mom…and I’m proud of them all :)

What equipment do you use?

I got Nikon Coolpix 4300,Nikon D50…Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm , Nikon AF NIKKOR 80-200mm , AF MICRO NIKKOR 55mm 1:2.8

How do you relax?

Well,whenever I need to relax its only my friends & Nature where I seek my escape….depends on my demand whose the best source of relaxation…sometimes fun sometimes solitude…but in both cases,I be lost & feel lost…fully relaxed.

Nature Lover on Flickr

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