Amazon Tree Houses

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Amazon Tee Houses

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  • I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a treehouse. I think that first one was photoshopped, but it’s my favorite. The third one is also very nice.

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  • I like your Treehouses nice pictures..

  • Cool, but I agree with MMPdotORG…the first pic is def shopped.

  • Hi Gordon, I was ready to send you a link to this page thinking someone had been passing your work as theirs…… till i noticed your name in the resonses.

    Hope you are well etc.



  • AWWW, I want it. It’s just my size!

  • They’re all Photoshopped, my drunken eyes can tell. But they look good and they’re creative ideas none the less.

  • I have always liked small houses and these are the best, especially the last one. I want it!

  • The 1st and 4th are definitely photoshopped.

  • Very nice, but Amazon?? You should learn a bit about tropical rainforest…

  • first photo is house of my dreams.

  • Love the one with the rope bridge! Those are creations that kids dreams are made of, including mine many many years ago!

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  • They are ALL photoshopped! Lame. Waste of time.

  • I like the one with the chicken. But Lothlorien deserves to be put up here. (I don’t care if its not real)

  • so… last time i checked, the amazon definately did not look like this….

  • Come you guys, dare to dream! These images bring out the ambitious little kid in all of us – yeah it’s pretty obvious in a few that they’re shopped, but c’mon, they’re still cool! Lighten up :)

  • Modified, cropped, shopped…whatever! Great pix none the less

  • the first, third, fourth, and seventh pictures are defiantly shopped.

  • To all who figured out that not everything they see is real (as opposed to those who have always assumed this to be so) : What is the difference between an un-retouched internet picture of a “treehouse” that you’ll never see and a photoshopped internet picture of a “treehouse” you’ll never see?

    You masters of creativity who demand the purity of unretouched photos, look long and hard at that victoria’s secrets tonight and be honest with yourselves, edited photos are the way of the world and have been since ms. monroe graced the pages of playboy.

    Wait, something not real on the net? This throws my perception of reality out the door. This is not a pipe people.

  • What I love most is the advertisement for photo retouching services on the upper left of this page.

    Do you “photoshop” sleuths want a cookie for pointing your fingers toward the only thing your holier than thou stuck in a box minds can set upon? Okay, so long as you promise to keep bashing creativity.

    Gordon – are you a builder of arboreal domiciles or just a fancier of cool looking things? Keep up your coolness.

    Saint Hammer

  • all photoshopped, most of them quite badly tbh

  • I’m pretty sure that number five is one in southern oregon that I’ve seen before –

    a bed and breakfast in the trees, and totally worth checking out!

    I got to go into them, so I’m pretty sure that there was no photoshopping ;)

  • Guys, I am a photo-retoucher myself and don’t see any reason why the images are shopped

  • Funny funny posts, glad most people like them.

    Image 1: is computer generated and photoshop, the image was a propsal for a client that never got built.

    Image 2: is a real Treehouse for children, yes it’s photoshop, but who cares

    Image 3: is a Treehouses in Fife, Scotland. Yes there’s been a bit of work done on the image the sky for example, it was horrible day

    Image 4: was another propsal for a client that never got built

    Image 5 and 7: Is near Ediburgh and hasn’t be touched

    Image 6….. act who cares :o)

  • I love them all especially 5 and 7 – what glory to live in a tree…wake up to the birds – watch them build their nests – plant flowers on your deck – lots of orchids or succulents – pure bliss *sigh*

  • I want the last treehouse!! r these real………

  • This is what dreams are made of……….Any of them real or not right now can be built with the right material and trees…….So what if some are photoshop……geez people these are what you make dreams out of and realities happen……

  • It’s a shame the Treehouse industry has taken a huge knock over the last few years, I’m sure it’ll come back round again when things sort them selfs out :o)

  • I secretly dream of being a family member of the Swiss Family Robinson, just to live in that treehouse.

  • I love your tree houses. They’re so pretty! I like the first and the last design. I wish to have one by my house. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes for the Holiday Season!

  • Awesome! When i was child i dream about hose like this)

  • unlike others i’m no hater nor claim to know all, that said, #6 looks real enough. i don’t think even a pro at ps would be thoughtful enough to add the rubber “chimney style” weather seal at the roof, nor (and especially) the barely noticeable accent lighting on the ground. the rope railing seems real, a little inconsistent, but really hard to tell as many point n shoot digital camera’s are terrible at certain texture and lighting changes.
    i would love a tree house, don’t know if i could deal with the ants though.

  • What happens when the tree grows or dies?

  • awesome stuff really!

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    It adds up nicely and is at least worth taking a look.

  • These are amazing treehouses. This would fullfill any childhood dream

  • I will build this house

  • Gordon, fun stuff. Although 1 and 4 were design drawings only, can you explain how the roof closely-wrapped around the upward trunk/branches wouldn’t be damaged in high (or any) winds?

  • Most of this bullshit is photoshopped. WTF! And I’m high too and still noticed. -_-

  • WOW!! absolutely beautiful, i wish i had a big oak tree to build a beautiful tree house like ones on the pictures above. Rydawg805>> lol yea some of them look obviously photoshopped.

  • Ok, I did not read all the posts so maybe someone said this already but there are a couple of things that are off in these photos:
    2. MOST OF THEM ARE SHOPPED, not even that well either
    The above aside, some of them are pretty sweet and should be built in the amazon and have their actual picture taken. I appreciate the effort though!

  • How come people always have to say things like this are photo-shopped? Even if they are, isn’t it more fun to think they’re real!?

  • Living in a tree house has always been my dream, I suppose everything feels exclusive and special from a tree house. The pictures were wonderful but I think one or two of them have been Photo-shopped. Nevertheless the others were really beautiful.

  • Wow, amazing house, I want one :)

  • Amazin! My kids will love to have one (if not all) of them! Thanks for sharing!

  • i would live in one of those tree houses.

  • Same here. Have this most amazing old oak tree in my yard that I would love to make some beautiful intricate tree house.

  • Wow, some seriously beautiful treehouses here. We love any constructive concept that finds builders working in congress with nature rather than destroying it to make more room for urban sprawl.

  • Really I like These All Types Of Houses. I love it Very Much.

  • Wow! They may of may not have been photo shopped…or in the Amazon or not….but I have a brother that could build any one of them. Amazing to fantasizes…the what if!!!

  • Amazing pictures , absolutly breathtaking. In my wildest dreams I could neever build something as beautiful as those tree houses. One comment meanted how about if the tree grew. My Dad build a tree house for me and my brother when we were kids. Afer growing up 15 years later the tree house was still there, the tree just grew over some of the wood and the floor wa kind of rickety.

  • Nice pictures. Absolutely amazing pics. Well Done. Keep it up.

  • i like how none of them are in the Amazon….

  • This is soooo cool!
    Can i move in?!!!

  • So very cool. I want to live in one!


  • OMG!!!!!!!! They are all sooo beautiful I have always wanted a tree house if I could pick one that I would have it would tots be the last one<3<3<3<3

  • It s like in First Love written by Petra Maria Scheid – the magical island in the Alkurbay sea where the water elves has their houses in trees, amazon com – if you wanna read it

  • I like all tree houses whether they are in the Amazon or not – beautiful pics

  • The third tree house is my favorite!

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