Interview: Laurenhillebrandt

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I interviewed Lauren Hillebrandt, another flickr photographer.

- So, you are a student at the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts. Do you remember when and why you decided to enter the Academy?
I haven’t got the perfect ‘I-was-born-with-a-camera’-story. I decided to enter 2 months before the entrance eximination, I just thought it would be fun. (turned out: it is!)

- Are you going to be professional photographer?
Yes, so feel free to ask my autograph while you can ;-)

- What camera do you use?
Canon 400d. But I would use my polaroid land camera more if I hadn’t the budget of a student (none)

- Who is your favorite flickr photographer/friend? Do you have the favorite flickr community?
Definitely Rose&Olive and Lina Scheynius.

- Do you have a favorite writer?
No, because I always forget their names.

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