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Flick Razrez interviewI glad to keep on the practice of Flickr users interviewing. Here is the interview with Razrez, a Japanese student.

Let me know your background. Name, age, your native city etc. Are you a student? What do you study?

My real name is Yasuko, the display name here on flickr is “razrez.” Took the name after my favourite film, “Clockwork Orange” By Stanley Kubrick. I’m from Japan, and have lived n spent most of my life here, except for a year in Western Australia and another one in NY. I’m 22 by the way.
Currently, I live in Tokyo, studying International Relations at university.

Do you remember when you took a camera first time?

It’s probably when I was 6 or so, when my dad brought home a Nikon SLR camera. I was fascinated by “the toy”, but at the same time, was a bit scared of it, for it was something different from what I was used to, to play with.

It seems you take photos every day. Is it a self-expression activity or addiction?

I’d say both! I guess I also wanna show off my addiction to fashion to the world. I wanna express myself by the things I like – photography and fashion.

How did you find the idea to take the self-portraits with different clothes?

Well, I guess I came up with the idea of taking wardrobe shots simply when I was browsing flickr.

I take pictures of myself in mirror simply because I didn’t come up with any other way! lol
I’m thinking of getting a tripod though, but really, I quite like the way I do now.:)

What camera do you use?

I use Olympus Digital SLR. I chose Olympus simply because I like Kodak Blue Plus Color.

What is your credo?

What’s my credo? It’s to believe my intuition…!!

Flick Razrez interview

Flick Razrez interview

Flick Razrez interview

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