Interview: Laurenhillebrandt

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I interviewed Lauren Hillebrandt, another flickr photographer.

- So, you are a student at the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts. Do you remember when and why you decided to enter the Academy?
I haven’t got the perfect ‘I-was-born-with-a-camera’-story. I decided to enter 2 months before the entrance eximination, I just thought it would be fun. (turned out: it is!)
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Razrez interview

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Flick Razrez interviewI glad to keep on the practice of Flickr users interviewing. Here is the interview with Razrez, a Japanese student.

Let me know your background. Name, age, your native city etc. Are you a student? What do you study?

My real name is Yasuko, the display name here on flickr is “razrez.” Took the name after my favourite film, “Clockwork Orange” By Stanley Kubrick. I’m from Japan, and have lived n spent most of my life here, except for a year in Western Australia and another one in NY. I’m 22 by the way.
Currently, I live in Tokyo, studying International Relations at university.

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Dave Coba. Sony Photography Awards

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During the last two years Dave Coba had exhibitions through Europe from Berlin and Paris to New York. In spring 2008 his series broken is nominated by the world photography awards – the Oscar of photography – as one of the worlds top ten nude series. Dave Coba is invited to the ceremony in Cannes. Afterwards results a collaboration with the London-based photographers agency OneRedEye – wich is renowned for outstanding photography.

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Camilla Akrans

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