Hush City

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A photo film about Minsk, my native city, was introduced this week. Enjoy

Minsk City

«Hush City» is a sketch film in 4 parts: a story which happened once in Minsk.
We hope the idea of the project is clear enough, nevertheless we’ve created this concept page to explain a few important things. Everything else is left to be understood by the viewer.

The story takes place in present-day (2007—2008 at the moment of writing) Minsk.

Minsk is a strange, tiny Eastern-European metropolis. These days Minsk is the home to 1.7 million people. To compare, it has a much larger population than such European cities as Amsterdam, Stockholm and Vienna. Minsk located about 215 km from Vilnius, 550 km from Warsaw, 580 km from Kiev and 700 km from Moscow. In spite of this, Minsk is usually an undistinguished and easily avoidable spot on European maps.

After the disintegration of the U.S.S.R. in the early 90’s, Minsk became the capital of an independent republic. Nearby capitals such as Moscow, Kiev or Vilnius have grown significantly since then and have become well-known and remarkable in their own ways.

During the same time, surprisingly few changes have happened in Minsk. What visitors admit (as we also do) is that the city seems to be «hushed» in time. However, it doesn’t look like a cozy museum as many other European capitals do; the city more closely resembles a quite cheerless conservation of time.

Steven Lyon

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Interview: Tanya Zommer

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Guys, I took the interview with Tanya Zommer, the photographer of ‘Nerds party‘ shot!

- How did you get into photography?

This was a rough way indeed. My first degree is in insurance from the Financial Academy in Moscow. Somehow it turned in the end that I was totally frustrated with the insurance and my mind turned to arts. I got the arts studies in the Printing University in Moscow with book illustrating as a major. Photography was one of the optional courses that I took in order to develop my illustrating skills. But once started with the photography, I could not stop. Strange, but I got my first camera rather late. Many kids had point-and-shoot cameras in their childhood in eighties. I never had. My first camera was a simple film Nikon SLR presented to me by my mom in the year 2000. At the career start I was trying to shoot studio still-lives, same as Vadim Piskaryov, my professor from the Moscow Photo Academy whom I would like to express my sincerest gratitude. Later I found shooting people most interesting for me, so now I am concentrated at fashion and portraits.

- Are you a full time photographer?

Yes, I am a full time self-employed photographer based in Moscow, Russia. I shoot for a number of Russian editions of international magazines including Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Glamour, some magazines of Burda publishing house and local media including MENU Magazine, TREND Magazine, Sobaka Moscow, Bolshoi Gorod as well as some others. Read more »

Rodney Smith

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 (504x506, 66Kb)

 (504x504, 53Kb)

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Interview: Katherine Elizabeth

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I’m glad to introduce the interview with Katherine Elizabeth, a young photographer I found at Flickr.

Kathertine Elizabeth Photogrpaher How did you get into photography?

-Photography had a really unexpected entrance into my life. My family moved from California to Texas my senior year of high school (two years ago), so I used to go outside and walk around in this farm behind our house. I was incredibly inspired by all the greenery and surroundings we didn’t have in California. One day my dad was digging out his old Canon AE-1 and asked if I wanted to use it. After my first roll of film, I was hooked.

- You are 19 but your photos look really impressive and professional, what is the secret?

-Well for me, it all starts with having a passion for what I do. You have to really want to learn, and be patient with the time it may take to get somewhere. Go out and be aggressive with it, and put all your effort into getting there.
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Arthur Elgort

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Jenny Howorth in Watermill, NY

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